I’ve been trying to figure out how to come back to this space. It’s been a long time. A quick glance at the last post says it was oh… nearly two years ago. ::faints:: That’s a lifetime out here on the internet. But life, it intervenes, you know? In the last two years we’ve moved twice. I started working again after a long absence raising Little Girl (who, it must be said, is now a whopping FIVE years old. How did that happen?) Speaking of, Little Girl has a lot more activities, playdates and other adventures to go on, as her world expands – adventures that take us away from home and reading.

And yet every year when the renewal notice comes for this domain name, I faithfully plunk down my money. I like to think it isn’t just wishful thinking, that I’m not tossing my money away. I want to believe I can find a way to come back here – to find the time to write meaningfully about books and publishing and writing. During this rather extended blogging break I’ve come to the realization that to do so I have to find a happy medium here. In my internet wanderings I have found (in my own opinion, of course) far too many book “review” blogs that can hardly be said to review anything. The short blurbs that are written are barely more than summaries of the book with the odd “I liked” or grade thrown in for good measure. I can’t in good conscience waste my time (or the handful of readers that may stop by here) with that type of review. But by the same token, I cannot continue to write the intensive, multi-page, meandering reviews that I used to write. I simply don’t have the time, and I’m not surr many have the inclination to read them.

And so I need to find some sort of balance. Because here’s the thing… I really do love to read. I love sharing and discussing and arguing over books and articles and publishing and literary scandals and whatever book-ish things are the topic of the day. What better place to do that then with a whole internet of fellow readers?

I believe that this space may evolve as I see where is goes. I also love magazines and long form journalism and online read-alongs and want to find a way to incorporate those interests.

Stay tuned and we’ll see where this goes,